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When Keanu Reeves' John Wick burst onto the scene in 2014, its impact on the action genre was immediate. The sequels that followed, including this year's smash hit (and perhaps final film) John Wick: Chapter 4, were homages to martial arts and action films of the yesteryear.  

The character that Reeves and company created, will go down as one of the most legendary and recognizable action characters of all time. 

However, his legacy as a men's fashion icon is only now truly developing. 

One of the understated but vitally important aspects of the Wick franchise is that through all the hand-to-hand combat, gunfights, and battles with other weapons (including a pencil), John Wick always looks his best. 

Starting with James Bond in the 1960s, leading men have had to blend looking their best with the physicality of their job; but it is Wick who has perfected this balance. 

Fitted in a single-breasted jacket with notch lapels, flap pockets, and a two-button front, Reeves' Wick is someone who has redefined what it means to dress for the occasion. 

Wick's suits never seem to have a thread of fabric missing or out of place. From his well-fitted white dress shirts to his tapered but not too slim pants, his look is simple, yet highly effective. 

Plus, it's not just Reeves' character who consistently looks his best. The film franchise features a wide variety of suits and styles, including Bill Skarsgard's turn as the current film's big bad, Marquis who shines on the big screen in his custom-made original suits.  

There is something to be said for the muscle-head action stars of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, but Wick's look works perfectly for today's man. We are on the go with our jobs and busy lives, and what we wear can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Characters like John Wick remind us that even in the world make believe, everything is possible. 

To this point, the latest film features a different kind of suit:  the bulletproof Kevlar suit. While ridiculously unrealistic, it does show us that when it comes to customization, the only thing truly stopping you from creating your dream suit is the limit of your imagination. 

Looking for help in this category? This is where our top-of-the-line style consultants come into play. With their expertise, your creative thinking, and John Wick as inspiration, you too could be the next men's fashion icon. 




April 19, 2023 — Matthew Galea