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The World Cup of soccer has captured the imagination and attention of sports fans across the globe. Taking place in Qatar and during our winter months, the world’s best footballers have gathered to bring glory to their home countries. With older stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, mixed with some of the world’s best young players like France’s Kylian Mbappe and Canada's Alphonso Davies, there is something or someone for every soccer fan to cheer for. 

Soccer’s best gather every four years to see which country produces the best class of football players  – men’s fashion, on the other hand, can seemingly change from season to season. Putting the two of these together only seems like a natural fit, and with a keen eye, we can learn a lot from the beautiful game's ups and downs.

In fact, men's fashion has been directly influenced by some of the game's biggest stars. Former England international, David Beckham has become better known for his influence on men's fashion trends, than for his set pieces. 

Here are 3 lessons the world of men’s fashion can learn from soccer’s biggest tournament.

Lesson #1: Just Like Argentina, You Need to Accessorize

For years, Lionel Messi has been considered the best soccer player in the world. Whether he was dominating Spain with Barcelona or creating a new path for himself in France, the quality he brings to the pitch is virtually unrivaled. Yet, when it comes to his career as part of his home country Argentina, true greatness has alluded him. Enter a new phase of Argentinian footballers, who have rallied around their aging captain, making him and the team one of the tournament’s favourites.

When we investigate our closet, we need to ensure that the crisp white shirt, perfectly tailored pants, or classic pair of blue jeans are highlighted with everything else a man needs to look good. Make sure things like your shoes, a classic watch, and the right cologne become part of the overall look. We want to ensure that every look, whether we are at a business meeting or a wedding, highlights our best features. 

Lesson #2: Just Like Portugal, Be Ready to Retire a Staple

While Messi and Argentina are on the verge of World Cup glory, Cristiano Ronaldo’s career at Manchester United and with Portugal appears to be over. Clashes with two different coaches and the need to still be treated as a number one have made his time in the spotlight come crashing down. Benching's and team dismissals have clouded his legacy – maybe forever.

Men’s fashion is always evolving, and your wardrobe needs to as well. We all have things in our closet that we love, that we wouldn’t dare throw out or give away. But like Portugal, we need to be ready to replace things that don’t work the same for us anymore. The old reliable suit needs to be upgraded, because not only will you look better in a new suit, but you’ll feel like a new person as well.

Lesson #3: Just Like France, Let Your Best Shine

In a tournament that features the world’s best soccer players, the talent on the field can sometimes blend into one. However, when you see Kyilian Mbappe on the pitch, there is no player more distinct for their blazing speed and skill. At 23 years old, he might be the world’s most dangerous offensive player and his best years are ahead of him. This tournament has established him as a truly elite soccer player.

What’s your best overall look? Is it a beautifully fitted suit that has your own personal flare to it? Is it the stylish overcoat that makes the winter weather more tolerable? Is it the perfect dress shirt that has been measured to fit you? Whatever your look is, make sure that you aren’t afraid to put it on centre stage and highlight it.

There’s nothing wrong with being the best-dressed man in the room.

December 14, 2022 — Matthew Galea