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Award season is back in full swing! There is always intrigue when it comes to who is going to win what award, but it will always be the fashion that people are talking about the next day. For many, award season’s best and worst looks come down to what designer dresses today’s top actresses are wearing. However, the rise of individuality within men’s fashion has made the suit, the new belle of the ball.

Let’s examine the best men’s looks from some of Hollywood’s biggest nights and figure out what we can learn/borrow/steal from the biggest influencers in film and television. When it comes to formal wear, nobody does it quite like the men on the small and big screen. 

Austin Butler, Golden Globes 

Butler has been around longer than we all probably realize, starring in a variety of Disney television shows when he was younger. However, it was his breakout role as Elvis Presley that skyrocketed him into the public consciousness. Butler garnered more attention for his Elvis-like Southern drawl acceptance speech at the Golden Globes than he did for his performance, but Butler has established himself as Hollywood's newest leading man. His Gucci and Cartier look blended the traditional award show tuxedo with the class we expect out of the best actor winner. 

Andrew Garfield, Golden Globes

Garfield has come out of the Spider-man shadow to establish himself as a Red Carpet icon. Nominated for his performance in the limited series Under the Banner of Heaven, Garfield has always been a standout in the men's fashion game because he's not afraid to take chances. His burnt orange Zegna and Omega ensemble shows us that we can go with non-traditional colours and still bring the class. 

Jay Ellis, Critic's Choice Awards

Ellis might have been one of Tom Cruise's wing-men in Top Gun: Maverick, but he firmly established himself as a force all his own at this year's Critic Choice Awards. Ellis' Louis Vuitton suit and turtleneck look proved that you can still be ultra formal without the button-up shirt. 

Brendan Fraser, Critic's Choice Awards

Fraser's return to the spotlight after years of exile has been one of the most inspiring stories of this year's award season. Known for his charm and leading man good looks, Fraser completely transforms himself in the independent film The Whale, where he plays a man looking to overcome his physical limitations and reconnect with his daughter. Fraser's Critic Choice look was a throwback to some of Hollywood's best looks, blending the crisp white shirt, navy blue tuxedo, and black frames. 


The best thing about these is that they can become an inspiration for your looks with the help of our style consultants. With award season continuing, leading to the biggest show of them all, the Oscars, there will be plenty more looks to investigate and break down. 

January 30, 2023 — Matthew Galea