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The sun is still shining, the weather continues to be hot, but we can all sense it; Spring is upon us. 

Whether you spent the summer travelling, enjoying weekend barbecues in your backyard, or hanging out with friends on a patio, the summer of 2022 was a breath of fresh air after the pandemic. 

One thing we know heading into September is that it won't be just the kids who will be heading back into buildings.

Many businesses are making the transition from at home work, to back to the office. Whether it's a full-time transition or one that includes just a couple of days - making sure you are ready to dress to impress is an essential part of networking. 

While the shorts and t-shirts definitely work by the pool, once you are back in the office you want to ensure that you are presenting yourself in the best manner possible. 

Here are a few ideas to help you get ready for dressing for success in Spring. 

Dress Shirts Matter 

The right dress shirt sends a message to co workers and clients alike that you are ready for all situations. Getting a properly fitted dress shirt not only looks better than anything you can get off the rack, but more importantly gives you the confidence in knowing the shirt is uniquely yours

You want your carefully chosen fabric to be light and breathable in the Spring. We know it's not as hot in September and October but you still want room to manoeuvre with your shirt, and don't forget, once the chillier temperatures arrive, layering becomes a fantastic option. 

Pants Meant for You

One of the most underrated aspects of Spring, is finding a pant that does it all. Office pants need to be multi-functional; not only are you walking around the office, but you might be spending quite a bit of time driving or on the train. The pants need to be ready for a big meeting, but also impress when you are out for lunch. 

Getting pants that are tailored towards your body is crucial to making your entire look legitimate. You might have been hitting the gym hard this summer or you're ready to shed some vacation pound - either way, ensuring your pants are made for you is a small key to success. 

And don't forget that fabric and colour are also vital to making your entire look fit. Finding the right colour blend may seem difficult, but that's what style consultants are for!

The Suit Isn't Just Formal


The modern suit should have some old world vibes, but fit the contemporary world we live in. Learn to have fun with your suit selections, the choices are endless and you have the ability to customise a suit to your needs. Also, remember that how you accessorise your suit can make the look more or less formal. 

Belt or no belt? Causal or formal shoes? Classic tee or button down? 

Use What's Around You

Spring is a time when you can reinvent yourself and your look. If you're heading back to the office you want to make choices that best suit your body and style. The best way to figure out what works best for you is to seek a style consultant who can walk you through the process of what happens when luxury meets convenience. 

September 21, 2022 — Matthew Galea