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The suit is making a comeback . . . but the reality is that it has never left. 

The worldwide pandemic has had a drastic impact on the world of fashion and the tastes of the everyday worker shifted from business casual to merely, casual. However, the world is for the most part, back to normal. And while some may still choose comfort over classy, a recent change in men's fashion has seen some of the most stylish men in the world bring back the suit. 

While we haven't reached the point where the suit becomes the everyday look of the office worker, wearing a suit out to celebrate a big event is becoming the new normal. 

If there's one thing we know about the suit, is that it has never gone out of style. The way a man looks and feels in a suit sends a message that they are someone of importance, but what we are also seeing is that wearing a suit can be, and should be, fun.  

Take for example A$AP Rocky who wore a pinstripe Celine Homme suit to celebrate his birthday. Always a man with impeccable fashion sense, A$AP showed that looking your best and having a good time go hand in hand. 

Get ready, because this is the way men's fashion is moving. The suit, which we might have saved for a wedding or important business meeting is making its way out of the office and into the limelight. 

The perfectly fitted suit allows you to feel and look your best and why should that be limited to a once-a-year wedding or the dulls of the office? 

The key to wearing a suit with your significant other, or hitting up a night out with the boys is to make sure that the suit is designed for you. Too big or too tight and not only does the look come across as cheap but your discomfort will also be on display. 

The all-occasion suit has become an integral piece of a man's look. 

To find the custom look for you, reach out to our professional stylists who will tailor their skills to your custom needs. 

October 06, 2022 — Matthew Galea