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Let’s face it, fashion trends can be fickle. What’s in one day can be out the next. Trying to keep up with what is hot and popular is something that the busy man doesn’t have time for. As we get older, our priorities shift to our families, jobs, and carving time out for the gym while trying to find time to get together with the boys for the big game. With the hustle and bustle of life in the way, finding time to prioritize our closets becomes difficult.

And if it’s difficult for us, imagine our fathers or grandfathers.

Father time says that men no longer care about what they wear when they reach a certain age. Old tracksuit with holes in it? No problem. Same sweater every day? Sounds like a plan. Wearing the same shirt, tie, and suit to a wedding they wore 20 years ago? Fashion never goes out of style.

Except, if we have learned anything over the past several years in the world of men’s fashion, it’s that the older men get, the more their looks should evolve with them. Let’s look at a recent example from the 2023 Golden Globe awards and legendary actor F. Murray Abraham. The 83-year-old Oscar winner and White Lotus star showed up to the awards in a modern deep blue suit with velvet lapels. Not only was he surprised by the number of fans he had at the event but was in the conversation for the best-dressed man of the night.

When it comes to finding your fashion game as you get older there isn’t a lot that needs to change from your younger years. This doesn’t mean that you don’t update your wardrobe, it just means that the new clothes should match your lifestyle. If you’re an avid gym goer, no need to wear your Adidas tracksuit from 1992; wear flexible, breathable sports gear that matches your body.

As men get older, they also tend to add some pounds to their frame. In response to this, older men will often try to super-size their clothing. Trying to hide underneath a shirt that doesn’t fit properly or pants that belong in the 80s is never the right option. In fact, a baggy-looking suit only exasperates the problems. No matter the size of your midsection, getting a shirt and suit that fits your particular shape will make you look your best.

Quick Tips:

  • Stick to the classic colours; blue, black, grey. These timeless colours add to the tastefulness most men of a certain age are looking for and provide the opportunity to accent your clothes with colours in other areas like socks and pocket squares.
  • Shoes are often looked at as the last piece of the men’s wardrobe, but for an older gentleman, stylish running shoes can make an impact on an overall look. Classic dress shoes still have a place, but wearing them with anything besides a formal look can make you appear older than you want.
February 28, 2023 — Matthew Galea